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Our Curriculum Vision


  • To develop a broad and balanced curriculum (including the Arts and Technology) that can be accessed by all students regardless of their starting points.
  • To capitalise on our situation to build a strong sense of community in students and develop appreciation of outdoor pursuits.
  • To build well-rounded and tolerant students who understand how to look after themselves and others, and understand the diversity of society.
  • To increase the number of students achieving the EBACC qualification.
  • Ensure that all students have access to outdoor education
  • Build cultural capital for all students.


Curriculum overview


We have 5 Faculties and one Department:

English Faculty (includes Drama)

Maths Faculty (includes Music)

Science Faculty (includes Computing)

Design Faculty (Art, Design and Technology, Engineering, Catering, Textiles)

Global Faculty (MFL. History, Geography, Ethics and Philosophy, General Studies)

PE Department

Year 11

There are 2 Triple Science groups in this year group, one of which is a separate group for all 15 lessons, the other of which is a small separate group for the 5 option lessons but joins a combined group for the other 10. Option A/B have 2/3 lessons a week, and Option C has five lessons a week – mixed with Year 10 students. A small number of students have intervention time instead of options or are working towards GCSEs in some form of self-study.

Year 10

Set in English, maths and combined science. 1 Triple Science group that is a distinct group for all 15 lessons. Friday afternoon is a rotation of PE/Outdoor Ed/Sports Leadership and General Studies. Options A/B have 2/3 lessons a week, Option C with Y11 has 5 lessons a week.

Year 9

Set in maths and science. High challenge set in English, the rest are mixed ability. Two groups doing German (HO), 2 doing Spanish (PE). Small numbers extracted from MFL lessons.  105 in 4 groups for all subjects.

Year 8

Set in maths and science. High challenge set in English, the rest are mixed ability. All doing French. 113 in 4 groups for all subjects. 

Year 7

Set in maths and science. High challenge set in English, the rest are mixed ability.  87 students - in a mixture of 3 and 4 groups; 4 groups in English, Maths, Science, Technology, French and PE. 3 forms (7H, 7O and 7P) in Humanities, Drama, Music, Computing and Reading.


Core courses


Ethics & Philosophy,

PSHE etc.


4 hours in Y10,

4 hours in Y11

English Language/English Literature

8 hours in Y10, 8 hours in Y11


8 hours in Y10, 8 hours in Y11


10 hours in Y10, 10 hours in Y11


Combined Science students do this science only.

Triple Science students will need to do extra science time,

which will come from Options - 15 hours

Optional courses

Courses from Block A

5 hours in Y10:

Childcare, Construction, French, German, History, Music

5 hours in Y11

Childcare, French, Geography, Music, PE

Courses from Block B

5 hours in Y10:

Art, Geography, Psychology


5 hours in Y11:

Art, Geography, Psychology

Courses from Blocks C/D

One year Full course in Y10, then a one-year full course in Y11.


Art, Catering, Computing, Engineering (x2), Geography, History, Photography, Drama