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Attitude to Learning

Attitude to Learning (ATL) is a key focus of Hope Valley College and Chorus Education Trust. We want to ensure that our students have the skills and abilities to progress in life as outstanding learners.We have identified 5 characteristics of good learning:

  • Ready to learn - Enthusiastic, attentive and organised.
  • Resilient – Positive, adaptable and confident.
  • Resourceful – Independent, focussed and engaged.
  • Respectful – Polite, helpful and collaborative.
  • Reflective – Responsive, conscientious and considerate.


How is the ATL grade calculated?

Each half term teachers give students a numerical grade (1-4) based on the 5 characteristics of good learning in each subject.  We calculate an average of these grades to show progress over the course of the academic year, and this is a good indicator of how much progress students will make across the curriculum.


How can students progress?

Our ATL mats are used by students to work out how they can improve their attitude to learning. You can view them below: