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Head of Faculty: Mrs M Hayes

Teacher of Drama: Miss A Starbuck


About the department

The drama department aims to develop and create emotionally literate students capable of creating clear and informed pieces of theatre. This is generated with an understanding of how their drama connects to our society and a broader artistic landscape.

Drama is part of the English faculty, and with this places a focus on the performance of text, as well as developing and refining oracy. We also have a strong PSHCE focus dealing with a range of issues and scenarios and exploring them in a safe, and dramatized way.

There is also an extra-curricular program (including drama club, dance, plays and musical theatre) which can be found  here


Key Assessments

At KS3, at the end of each half term there will be a main assessment. This will be a performance in front of the class showing the style/story they have been exploring. Additionally, 1 assessment each term will have a second part where they will have to either evaluate their own, or another group’s performance. These tasks will be set alongside a rehearsal homework where the students rehearse their work outside of lesson.

At GCSE each unit has its own form of assessment, which shall be completed at the end of each term.

Term 1 - Component 1 – Internally marked performance (15%) and portfolio (25%)

Term 2 - Component 2 – Group/Duologue/Monologue performance in front of visiting examiner (20%)

Term 3 – Component 3 – Written exam on DNA and a Theatre Review (40%)


How Parents/carers can help

  • Come and support school productions and performance evenings.

  • Encourage students to talk about the drama and topics they are studying.

  • Encourage students to see a variety of performances, such as theatre, street theatre, dance, etc.

  • Help them support their English work by acting out performance texts.

  • Encourage students to take part in activities and extra-curricular clubs both inside and outside of school.

  • Encourage GCSE students to use their Ignite cards and access free theatre at Sheffield Theatres. Click here for more information. 



Drama is studied once a week for Y7 and Y8 students, twice a week in Y9 (for those who have chosen it), and then for GCSE. The curriculum can be viewed in the documents below.