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Below is the work set for remote learning when there is no work set on Microsoft Teams.


Year 7  


Practise the vocabulary : 

Practise by watching these videos and following the lessons linked here:

Practise the vocabulary below 

Dynamo 1 module 2 Flashcards | Quizlet   (remember you can star words so you don't have to practise them all at once!)

year 8   

term 2 (nov/dec)

Practise the vocab we learn this term on Quizlet:

You could also look at Module 4 on Seneca  - Leisure freetime and media for next term:


Term 3 (Jan/Feb)

Seneca unit 4 free time and media:



Term 4 (Mar/Apr)

Seneca unit 2.2 sports and games:



Term 5 (May)

Directions and maps: 

Complete whole section in Seneca KS3 French: Directions: Seneca - Learn 2x Faster ( 

Quizlet: Les directions - directions in French Flashcards | Quizlet 

Wordwall: Les directions - Match up ( Les directions | Blooket 

Health and Illness: 

Complete all sections in Seneca: KS3 French: Health:Seneca - Learn 2x Faster ( 

Blooket: Les maladies | Blooket 

Quizlet: J'ai mal Flashcards | Quizlet 

NB – you need to sign up with your school email and a random password to get into blooket and wordwall. 


Term 6 (June/July)

Revision and assessment: 

Make sure you know 3 tenses: 

Present tense: French Present tense | Blooket 

Past perfect tense: French Perfect Tense | Blooket 

Future tense: French Future Tense | Blooket 

Make sure you know the vocab: 

Dynamo 2 Module 1 Les vacances Flashcards | Quizlet 

Dynamo 2 Module 3 - A loisir Flashcards | Quizlet 

Dynamo 2 Rouge Module 5 Le Sport en Direct Flashcards | Quizlet 


year 9   

term 1 (sept/oct)

La Francophonie: understanding Francophone cultures and festivals

Click here

Make a list of Francophone countries and research at least one festival from each country you find.  

Verbs: Perfect, Present and Future proche.

You can use seneca to help with verbs:  click here


term 2 (nov/dec)

Les métiers - jobs and career plans

Practise the vocab. on Quizlet that we will use this term


Term 3 (Jan/Feb)


Term 4 (Mar/Apr)


Use questions and understand them. Use negatives. Talk about future plans.
Click here


Click here

Revise future tense on Languages Online:  click here

or on Language Gym: click here


Term 5 (May)

- Please revise attached vocab lists:

Dynamo 3 Module 4 Point de départ Flashcards | Quizlet

Le meilleur des mondes Learn with flashcards, games, and more — for free.


- Then log into language gym:, go to your class and try the assignments there. Your username is your school email address - just email your teacher to get your password reset if needed.


Term 6 (June/July)

Revision and exams

Tenses revision:  click here

Topic revision: click here

Key stage 4   

term 1 (sept/oct)

Module: Les Vacances
Verbs: Brush up on the perfect tense
Click here

Then go onto other tenses you are unsure about.

Make sure you know conditional tenses including “if” clauses.

Finish holidays unit:  click here


term 2 (nov/dec)

Complete all lessons on school.
Click here


Term 3 (Jan/Feb)

Module: Le travail
Click here

Complete all lessons and revise future tense using Languages online (click here) or Language Gym (click here).


Term 4 (Mar/Apr)

Global Issues module:
click here

All lessons are very relevant to AQA syllabus.


Term 5 (May)

Revision: speaking test practice questions and photocards



Term 6 (June/July)

General revision: links to follow.

Guided writing:
Foundation:  click here
Higher:  click here

Verbs and tenses:
Foundation: click here
Higher: click here