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Below is the work set for remote learning when there is no work set on Microsoft Teams.


Year 7  

term 1 (sept/oct)

Practise the vocabulary to get ready for next term: 

Practise by watching these videos and following the lessons linked here:


term 2 (nov/dec)

Practise the vocabulary to get ready for next term: 

Practise by watching these videos and following the lessons linked here:


Term 3 (Jan/Feb)

  • Practise the vocabulary below to help get ready for our next topic (school):

Dynamo 1 module 2 Flashcards | Quizlet   (remember you can star words so you don't have to practise them all at once!)


Term 4 (Mar/Apr)


Term 5 (May)


Term 6 (June/July)


year 8   

term 1 (sept/oct)

Please visit the Active Teach Online website (click here) and enter resource codes below:

  • ChukNpXM - passé composé with avoir video
  • Kz6YYG5Y – writing skills
  • Wxajt8zN - passé composé with etre video
  • ClHhowlN – translation skills
  • Quizlet: click here


term 2 (nov/dec)

Practise the vocab we learn this term on Quizlet:

You could also look at Module 4 on Seneca  - Leisure freetime and media for next term:


Term 3 (Jan/Feb)

Seneca unit 4 free time and media:



Term 4 (Mar/Apr)

Senca unit 2.2 sports and games:


Activelearn: Please visit and enter the code:

B5Jj4RLp - sports game

8DbRJE3E - Olympic village flashcards

1RYhU0B6  - Directions flashcards

BFONLyRu - Video &  DSQAA4p7 - video worlsheet


Term 5 (May)

Directions and maps: 

Complete whole section in Seneca KS3 French: Directions: Seneca - Learn 2x Faster ( 

Quizlet: Les directions - directions in French Flashcards | Quizlet 

Wordwall: Les directions - Match up ( Les directions | Blooket 

Health and Illness: 

Complete all sections in Seneca: KS3 French: Health:Seneca - Learn 2x Faster ( 

Blooket: Les maladies | Blooket 

Quizlet: J'ai mal Flashcards | Quizlet 

NB – you need to sign up with your school email and a random password to get into blooket and wordwall. 


Term 6 (June/July)

Revision and assessment: 

Make sure you know 3 tenses: 

Present tense: French Present tense | Blooket 

Past perfect tense: French Perfect Tense | Blooket 

Future tense: French Future Tense | Blooket 

Make sure you know the vocab: 

Dynamo 2 Module 1 Les vacances Flashcards | Quizlet 

Dynamo 2 Module 3 - A loisir Flashcards | Quizlet 

Dynamo 2 Rouge Module 5 Le Sport en Direct Flashcards | Quizlet 


year 9   

term 1 (sept/oct)

La Francophonie: understanding Francophone cultures and festivals

Click here

Make a list of Francophone countries and research at least one festival from each country you find.  Send to me in a ppt via email.

Verbs: Perfect, Present and Future proche.

You can use seneca to help with verbs:  click here


term 2 (nov/dec)

Les métiers - jobs and career plans

Practise the vocab. on Quizlet that we will use this term

Then click here and add the following codes to try some activities in reading and listening:

  • zwRISgvQ
  • LmTkKHbr
  • 43yls0QB
  • PBpYGyiW

Try this link and click 3.2 for future plans topic work.


Term 3 (Jan/Feb)


Term 4 (Mar/Apr)


Use questions and understand them. Use negatives. Talk about future plans.
Click here


Click here

Revise future tense on Languages Online:  click here

or on Language Gym: click here


Term 5 (May)

- Please revise attached vocab lists:

Dynamo 3 Module 4 Point de départ Flashcards | Quizlet

Le meilleur des mondes Learn with flashcards, games, and more — for free.


- Then log into language gym:, go to your class and try the assignments there. Your username is your school email address - just email your teacher to get your password reset if needed.


Term 6 (June/July)

Revision and exams

Tenses revision:  click here

Topic revision: click here

year 11   

term 1 (sept/oct)

Module: Les Vacances
Verbs: Brush up on the perfect tense
Click here

Then go onto other tenses you are unsure about.

Make sure you know conditional tenses including “if” clauses.

Finish holidays unit:  click here


term 2 (nov/dec)

Classes with RBR: Au collège. 
Complete all lessons on school.
Click here


Term 3 (Jan/Feb)

Module: Le travail
Click here

Complete all lessons and revise future tense using Languages online (click here) or Language Gym (click here).


Term 4 (Mar/Apr)

Global Issues module:
click here

All lessons are very relevant to AQA syllabus.


Term 5 (May)

Revision: speaking test practice questions and photocards

Weblinks to follow.


Term 6 (June/July)

General revision: links to follow.

Guided writing:
Foundation:  click here
Higher:  click here

Verbs and tenses:
Foundation: click here
Higher: click here