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GCSE Options

In Year 10 and Year 11, all students have to study the ‘core’ subjects of English, Maths, Science, PE/Sport and PSHE. Students choose an additional three or four subjects, depending on whether they follow triple or combined Science.

There are two stages to the options process:



At the first stage, students inform college about the subjects they would like to study; this can change depending on the year group. Students receive an Options Information Booklet. They are also given opportunities to find out more about each of the available subjects, including visiting some Y10/11 lessons to see them in action. Students then tell us their preferences by ranking the subjects that they think they would most like to study.  Students should consider ranking highly those courses that they think they would enjoy and be best at.  We cannot guarantee that we will be able to offer all of these courses.  We will, however, try to construct an Options grid that reflects the preferences of as many students as possible.



We then produce an options grid.  Overall choices should be appropriate to any specific career that students have in mind and be balanced enough to leave as many post-16 options open as is possible.

Once Option choices are submitted we will create a timetable that meets the choices of as many students as possible within staffing and budgetary constraints.

Options change from year to year, depending on staffing, student preferences and finance. The following subjects are generally offered most years, though we cannot guarantee to offer all of  them every year:

GCSE English Language

GCSE English Literature

GCSE Maths

Triple (3 GCSEs - Biology, Chemistry, Physics)

Combined (2 GCSEs)


GCSE Computer Science

Level 1/2 Award in Child Development & Care

Level 1/2 Award in Constructing the Built Environment        

GCSE Design & Technology

GCSE Drama

Level 1/2 Award in Engineering

GCSE French

GCSE German

GCSE Spanish

GCSE Geography

GCSE History

Level 1/2 Award in Hospitality & Catering

GCSE Music


GCSE Textiles Design