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Modern Foreign Languages

We offer French in Year 7 and 8, whilst some students in Year 9 and beyond have the opportunity to study a second language which is either German or Spanish.


The modern foreign languages lessons should enable students to:

  • nurture an enjoyment of language learning,
  • become confident to speak spontaneously in a range of tenses about various topics,
  • develop skills and confidence to be able to communicate in real-life situations in the target language,
  • learn how to listen and read for gist as well as for specific details,
  • develop writing skills and transfer skills learned in English such as comparison, persuasion, argument, letter writing and so on,
  • develop grammar and translation skills, both of which now figure highly in the GCSE specification,
  • develop an understanding of the culture of the target language countries,
  • travel to the target language country on trips offered each year, such as the German exchange, as well as trips to France and Spain which we run if there are sufficient numbers of students interested,
  • make use of modern technology such as Quizlet, Linguascope as well as our interactive textbooks to enhance the learning experience and motivate students