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Music at Hope Valley College is a thriving and busy hub of activity. The curriculum is varied using a variety of instruments and our expansive extracurricular and concert programme offer students opportunities to perform regularly both in and out of school. 

The department itself is well equipped with a wide variety of instruments as well as practice rooms, two music technology classrooms and a full recording studio. The main classroom is an amazing performance space with rising stage and lights.


Creativity and practical music making is at the heart of learning in Music with students developing five key strands of the Music Curriculum in every topic they study; performing, singing, composing, improvising and listening.

During KS3 students explore a wide variety of musical styles from around the world including Blues and Jazz, Pop and Rock music, Film and Game music as well as Classical music. Students also have the opportunity to learn the guitar, bass guitar, ukulele and keyboard and use a range of music technology to write music such as Garageband and Sibelius.



Music is a popular GCSE subject where students develop their skills by performing and composing and analysing music across a number of genres. 


A majority of the course is practical, writing compositions as well as performing both as a soloist and as part of an ensemble. Students learn how to compose and perform in the styles of our areas of study - Pop and Rock from the 1950s, World Music, Classical Music and Film and Game Music - before performing and composing in their own style and choice of genre. 


Coursework: Integrated portfolio - 30%

Students develop their understanding of performance and composition through exploration of their own instrument within styles and genres of their choosing and submit one composition and one solo performance piece.

They demonstrate their playing skills and abilities by practising and performing a piece musically, accurately and with appropriate interpretation. In the composition element of this component, they demonstrate knowledge of composition techniques, use of musical elements and resources, including specific instrumental and technology techniques.

Coursework: Practical component - 30%

Students develop their skills and understanding of performance and composition.The focus of the performance aspect of this component is on the demands of performing with an ensemble. Students are also required to compose a piece of music appropriate for one of the areas of study in response to a set brief.

Examination: Listening and appraising - 40%

Students demonstrate their knowledge and understanding of musical elements, contexts and language.

  • Film and Game Music: Learners study music that has been used for film and game soundtracks

  • Conventions of Pop: Learners should study a range of popular music from the 1950s to the present day, focussing on: Rock ‘n’ Roll, Rock Anthems, Pop Ballads and other Solo Artists.

  • Rhythms of the World: Learners study the traditional rhythmic roots from four geographical regions of the world:  India and Punjab, Eastern Mediterranean and Middle East, Africa and Central and South America. 

  • Concerto through Time: Learners should study the Concerto and its development from 1650 to 1910 through the Baroque, Classical and Romantic era.



Come into the Music Department at any time - and it will be full of students making music. The extra curricular timetable is full with many students taking part in our ensembles. These events are supported by regular concerts, trips as well as a yearly school musical and a biennial music tour (every other year).









Ukulele and Guitar Ensemble

Boys Choir

Glee Choir

Folk Club


String Ensemble



Flute Choir

School Musical Principals

Battle of the Bands

Piano Ensemble


School Musical Principals

After School

Grade 5 Theory

School Musical


3:30 - 5:30

Big Band

GCSE Drop In

3:30 - 4:30pm

Wind Band

School Musical

3:30 - 5:30

GCSE Study Class 



The music department at HVC believes that playing a musical instrument should be an intrinsic part of every child’s learning. Not only do they get immense pleasure from playing on their own and with music groups but it is now scientifically proven that it improves their learning across the curriculum. It can also boost their memory, processing skills, confidence and overall happiness! Hope Valley College has a lively music department with lots of opportunities for music making. A large number of students have individual instrumental lessons in College and play in various school ensembles.  

There are lessons available for a variety of instruments (see below). Should you wish to own your own instrument we can purchase them on behalf of parents, therefore saving the VAT element of the cost. Instruments are also available to loan for a one off fee of £30 and some instruments are available to hire at no cost. 

Subsidies are available in cases of financial hardship, students playing above Grade 5 standard, playing minority instruments and for students with special educational needs. Please apply in the first instance to Miss Craven via email at 

If your son/daughter is already learning to play an instrument and would like to have lessons in College, or would like to begin learning an instrument, please send me an email, or download, print and fill in the letter below and hand the slip in to Miss Craven. 

Lessons are available from the following specialists on these instruments: 

Woodwind: Flute/Clarinet/Oboe/Saxophone/Bassoon  

Percussion/Drum Kit   

Brass: Trumpet/Trombone/Tuba/French Horn   



Strings: Violin/Viola/Cello/Double Bass    



Bass Guitar 

Tin Whistle      

 Music Technology