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Behaviour (during Covid)


The school behaviour policy was shared with students when they returned to school in September and attention was brought to some key amendments in the current climate.

The aim of the amendment is to ensure:

  • The safety of students and staff.
  • Pastoral and academic support for all students can take place with being inhibited or interrupted.
  • Teachers are supported at this critical time.
  • Social distancing and other measure to prevent a resurgence of COVID-19 infections are adhered to by all members of the school community.


Additional Expectations of students

Additional expectations of students in response to the above aims are as follows:

  1. All students will enter and leave school via the designated entrances and exits.
  2. Students must follow all hand sanitising and washing procedures established by Hope Valley College.
  3. Students must go directly to the classroom they are assigned. They must not attempt to enter another classroom, accompany peers to other classrooms or congregate in corridors or other parts of the school.
  4. Upon entering the classroom students must immediately sit at their assigned seat. They must not sit at another desk, approach the teacher’s desk and work area or touch or interfere with any equipment that is not their own personal belongings.
  5. At breaks and lunchtimes students must stick to their allotted year group areas and timings for lunch.
  6. Students must not behave in a manner that causes concern, anxiety and worry to others. This includes; imitating the symptoms of COVID-19, threatening others with not adhering to social distancing, threating to cough, sneeze or spit on others and other actions that lead students and staff to worry for their safety.
  7. When arriving and departing from school students must adhere to the requirements set down by the bus companies.

Like you, we are taking a common sense approach and will keep up to date with guidance as it is released.

We know that these changes will make a difference to the day for all our students but we hope that they will maintain safety, maximise learning time and provide important social interaction. We will review this provision every half-term and react to any changes in guidance as they arise.