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Our Curriculum Vision


  • To develop a broad and balanced curriculum (including the Arts and Technology) that can be accessed by all students regardless of their starting points.
  • To capitalise on our situation to build a strong sense of community in students and develop appreciation of outdoor pursuits.
  • To build well-rounded and tolerant students who understand how to look after themselves and others, and understand the diversity of society.
  • To increase the number of students achieving the EBACC measure.
  • Build cultural capital for all students.


Curriculum overview


We have 5 Faculties and one Department:

  • English Faculty (includes Drama).
  • Maths Faculty (includes Music).
  • Science Faculty (includes Computing).
  • Design Faculty (Art, Design and Technology, Engineering, Catering, Textiles).
  • Global Faculty (MFL, History, Geography, Ethics and Philosophy, General Studies).
  • PE Department.