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preparing for exams

Exams are all about effort, exam practice and time spent revising. Some people seem to be able to do well in exams without much effort. You know yourself best. Now is the time to work harder and put more effort in, even those subjects you struggle with.

This short-term pain brings long-term benefits. The rewards are great. Think about achieving your best grade. Think about being able to do the course you really want to do post-16. Think about all those jobs you will apply for over the length of your adult life putting down GCSE grades you are proud of. Think about that long summer at the end of Year 11 knowing you really worked your hardest.

Maximising Success in Key stage 4

You can download revision resources booklet that includes revision techniques, subject specific resources and assessment schedule here.

Revision Timetable

There are many different revision timetables, here is one that we recommend which is based on 30 minutes of revision followed by a 15 minute break - download it here.


Y11 mock exam timetable - November 2021