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School day (during Covid)

Arriving at school

This information has been updated.

Students should aim to arrive in time to go directly to their period 1 lesson at 8.45am.

If they arrive earlier, between 8.30am and 8.45am because of their bus times, they should go to their outside designated space:

The time between 8.45am and 8.55am is for making their way to their period 1 lesson.

Students are not permitted to enter or exit school through the main reception unless requested to do so.  They must enter school through the designated gates. There is also a one way system around school that students need to stick to.

Students will be greeted as they arrive at school.  If they choose to remove their face covering at this point they should do so safely and sanitise their hands immediately. 


Changes within the school day

The school day will start and end as normal but we have made changes within the day so we can achieve two important things:

  1. Allow greater distancing at key moments.
  2. Allow time for Year 10 and 11 students to have catch-up sessions.

School starts at 8.55am prompt and this is when students will begin Lesson 1. It is vital that all students have arrived at school, on time. Students will have Lesson 1 and 2 without a break. 

Students will then have a break after lesson 2 and will need to remain in their designated year group bases. Where possible we would encourage all students to be in their designated outside spaces so would encourage them to bring an appropriate coat.

Lesson 3 will take place and then students will move to their tutor rooms for the tutor period.  During this tutor period, lunches will be staggered for Years 7,8,9.  Years 10 and 11 will have lunch at 1-1.30pm. 

Lessons 4 and 5 will be at the usual times. 

We will stagger students leaving Lesson 5 for their buses and students will be supervised onto the buses to ensure they are in year groups.


The school day timings are:

(Please note that for arrival, break, lunch and social times students will be in separate areas supervised by staff)

08:30                    Students can arrive in school and go to year bases

08:55                    Period 1

09:55                    Period 2

10:55                    Break

11:15                    Period 3

12:15-12:35         Y7: time to buy and eat food
12:35-13:00         Y7: tutor time
13:00-13:30         Y7: social time

12:15-12:35         Y8: tutor time
12:35-13:00         Y8: time to buy and eat food (dining hall)
13:00-13:30         Y8: social time

12:15-12:35         Y9: tutor time
12:35-13:00         Y9: time to buy and eat food (hall)
13:00-13:30         Y9: social time

12:15-13:00         Y10: catch-up time          
13:00-13:30         Y10: time to buy and eat food (dining room)

12:15-13:00         Y11: catch-up time      
13:00-13:30         Y11: time to buy and eat food (hall)

13:30                    Period 4

14:30                    Period 5


End of the school day

This information has been updated.

Release for buses as follows:

  • 3.25: Y7

  • 3.30: all other year groups


Break and Lunch

Currently we are not able to provide food before school.

The dining room will continue to provide food at lunchtime. We have amended the menu and will continue to provide a hot meal each day. You can view the new menu here.

Students are welcome to either purchase food from the dining room or bring their own packed lunch. Initially we will be unable to provide snacks at break time so students will need to bring a snack with them. We are also unable to use the water fountains so students will need to ensure that they have a filled water bottle each day.

As a school we are moving towards a cashless system. Payments for lunches should be made via Wisepay (see our Wisepay webpage here for further information). If this presents an issue please contact the finance department.