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Travel (during Covid)


The official advice we have is that, where possible students should walk or cycle to school.  However, for the vast majority of students, they will need to rely on the school bus network.

Information from Derbyshire County Council

Derbyshire County Council have issued new advice about school transport which you can view here

School buses

We have been asked to reinforce the message that face coverings should be worn on buses. Please talk to your child to ensure they do this.

Derbyshire County Council has worked hard with bus providers to ensure that they are as safe as possible.  You should have received information with your bus pass about how students should travel on all school buses, and this information is attached in the documents below.  Timetables for buses run by the local authority as also included.  For students who would normally travel from Hathersage the advice is to travel on the nominated ‘school’ bus.  All designated ‘school’ buses are now closed to the public.  Students can still pay on the bus, if they do not have a bus pass, however the charge each was is £1.  The request is that the exact fare is paid so no change needs to be given.  This is to limit the handling of money.  Buses will only stop at designated stops and students should not ask the buses to stop in the village.

The request for all students who travel on a bus is as follows:

  • Students must sit in year groups.
  • Students must have their own hand sanitiser as not all buses will be able to provide this.
  • Students aged 11 and over are required to wear a face covering unless they have a medical exemption or reasonable adjustment under the Equalities Act.

At the end of the school day any students who travel on the minibuses will need to make their way to the car park where the mini-buses will be waiting. Larger buses will still be at the front of school. 

Car travel

Morning drop-off: please use the bus bay. The school car park will be used for Post-16 students to arrive safely.

Afternoon collection: please park at the far end of the car park and keep the circulation route free. Bear in mind that this car park will be busier with minibuses.


Students are welcome to cycle to school and are able to store their bikes safely. Our website has details of a ‘bike bus’ being trialled by parents here.