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Uniform & equipment (during Covid)


Students will be expected to be in their usual uniform from the first day of school and the usual rules apply regarding uniform. Guidance would suggest that clothes need regular washing to help prevent the spread of COVID-19. Students need to ensure that they have sufficient uniform to ensure they are well-presented. The school building will be very well ventilated at all times so we would advise students to always have their jumper/hoodie with them at all times.  Students should also ensure they have an appropriate outside coat with them at all times so that, weather permitting, they will be outside at break and lunchtime.

You can read the full information about uniform (including a handy ticklist which can be downloaded from the bottom of the page) on our uniform and equipment webpage.



Students should  ensure that they have the correct equipment for class lessons. Please note we wish to avoid loaning equipment to reduce the risk of transmission of COVID-19.

The full list of equipment can be found on our uniform and equipment webpage here. You can download a handy ticklist from the bottom of that page.

While there are hand sanitisers on the entry to every classroom we would encourage students to also bring their own, where possible, as this allow for quicker entry to lessons. Students also need to bring a filled water bottle.

If they are using a mask for use on public transport, please remember to bring one for their return journey. If wearing a reusable mast please keep each in re-sealable plastic bags. There will be bins at school where students can safely get rid of disposable masks before entering the school building.


PE Kit

Students will need PE kit.  We have made modifications to the PE curriculum in line with government guidance.  Students will be able to change into their PE kit in the usual way.

Students will need to keep bags and coats with them at all times as lockers have been removed to allow for greater social distancing on the corridors


Face coverings

This information has been updated.

Given the latest government advice and the increasing infection rate in the country, we are tightening the rules about face coverings.

Everyone in school should wear a face covering when they are in transition between classrooms/offices. 

Students should also wear face coverings when travelling on buses and public transport.

Students should bring to school a supply of disposable or washable facemasks to wear. The school will not be able to provide them unless it is for emergencies as we are being provided with a very small contingency supply for this purpose.

Students should have a sealable plastic bag to keep their facemask in, to avoid contaminating other items.

To help with this, please make sure your child knows how to use a face covering safely and hygienically. There are links below to the guidance on face coverings and how to use them below. Please remind your child, this does not include classrooms and they will be expected to remove their face covering on entering a classroom. 

You can read full guidance on face coverings on our dedicated Face Coverings webpage here.