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Return to school

Providing that local and national advice remains that it is safe to do so, we will begin to welcome small groups of Year 10 students back into school for face-to-face learning from Monday 15th June.


Safety measures

At the heart of every decision we have made is the need to keep staff and students safe. Below is a short video outlining what students will have to do, to keep safe at college. Please watch it.


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We would like to see as many young people as possible but appreciate that there may be reasons why you feel it is not possible for your young person to attend. Each week we will send out an online form asking you to stipulate whether your young person will be attending or not. The government has stated that all absence is authorised currently but we have to specify the reason why a young person might not attend College when they are eligible. These categories are:

  • Shielding due to a pre-existing condition which has been advised by the NHS
  • Illness – COVID-19 related.
  • Illness – not related to COVID-19.
  • Isolating due to an individual in the household with suspected/confirmed symptoms.
  • Other.

Where ‘other ‘is stated we request that you please state the reasons so that this can be recorded.

Parents/carers have been emailed the link to this form.

If your young person is showing any of the symptoms of COVID-19 we request that you keep your young person at home, following the government protocols for isolation, and contact the college as soon as possible. If your young person is suffering from any other illness please notify the college.


Uniform and equipment

Over the next 5 weeks we will not require students to wear uniform to college but we would request that students wear clothing that is appropriate to the college environment. Students also need to bring in all the relevant equipment i.e. pen, pencil, calculator as college will not be able to loan equipment to students. Students should also bring in any exercise books they have at home for the relevant subject and will need to take this home with them after each session.


Food and drink facilities

During this time we will be offering a limited amount of food for lunch, available as a ‘grab bag’ (sandwich, drink, fruit, biscuit), which students can order on arrival at College. If your young person is in receipt of Free School Meal vouchers they will be able to order a grab bag for that day. However we would ask that, where possible, students are ‘self-sufficient’ for their time in college e.g. bring lunch and a filled water bottle for the day. Students will not have access to fridges or facilities to heat food. If purchasing food at college please ensure that your online account is topped up with enough money before your young person comes to college.



We are proposing that the school day will run from 10am - 2.30pm and are working with the various bus companies to look at transport and how arrivals and pick up can be staggered. Below are the bus timetables for the main college buses. Alternative arrangements have been made for the parent buses and you should have been contacted individually.

In line with mandatory government advice about face coverings, the Local Authority has issued the following. Please read this carefully and ensure that your young person adheres to the mandatory instructions. If individual adjustments need to be made please contact Mrs Petts.

bus timetable information

Advice to schools/parents/students about travel

Wherever possible, pupils should continue to avoid public transport and walk, cycle or catch a lift, but for some this will not be possible.

Although many school buses are only available to pupils, it is still considered a public space and the wearing of face coverings should apply to Y6, Y10 and Y12 pupils when they board, during the journey and when they alight the vehicle. Young children in Reception and Y1 are unlikely to be able to wear face coverings and discretion should be used for this age group. Drivers are expected to wear a face covering at all times during the journey.

Face coverings do not need to be medical grade PPE masks and people can make their own using scarves or other textiles. Coverings must cover the mouth and nose while allowing the wearer to breathe comfortably. Pupils should wash their hands or use hand sanitizer before putting on their face covering on and after taking it off.

If pupils do not abide by these regulations, the driver has the right to refuse travel. If a student fails to comply at certain points during the journey, or the driver has concerns about the conduct of a pupil, they will report this to school so appropriate action can be taken.

This guidance has been issued to help keep pupils and drivers safe during the journey. Other safety measures such as 2m social distancing and ventilation will remain in place.

This guidance applies to all buses and trains that our students will travel on and we would be grateful if you could support us in this endeavour.



The following amendment is an addition to the Hope Valley College Good Behaviour Policy and is in effect from 15th June 2020 when wider reopening of secondary schools is due to take place. The amendment will remain in effect until the adjustments to the running of the school in response to the Coronavirus pandemic are lifted and is therefore reflective of changes required from what would be a typical day at Hope Valley College. All other aspects of the Behaviour for Learning Policy remain unchanged unless stated here.


The aim of the amendment is to ensure:

  • The safety of students and staff.
  • Pastoral and academic support for all students can take place without being inhibited or interrupted.
  • Teachers are supported at this critical time.
  • Social distancing and other measures to prevent a resurgence of COVID-19 infections are adhered to by all members of the school community.

Additional Expectations of students

The expectations of students remains of the same high standards prior to partial closure on 20th March.

The Hope Valley College expectations and the associated rewards and sanctions remain in place. Additional expectations of students in response to the above aims are as follows:

  1. All students will enter and leave College via the designated entrances and exits
  2. Students must follow all hand sanitising and washing procedures established by Hope Valley College
  3. Students must go directly to the room they are assigned. They must not attempt to enter another room, accompany peers to other rooms or congregate in break-out spaces, corridors or other parts of the College.
  4. Upon entering the room students must immediately sit at their assigned seat. They must not sit at another desk, approach the teacher’s desk and work area or touch or interfere with any equipment that is not their own personal belongings.
  5. Students must remain 2 metres from all other members of the school community at all times. They must not purposely enter the 2 metre distance between them and another student or teacher, they must not touch or threaten to touch another person and they must avoid all physical contact with the belongings of others.
  6. Students must not behave in a manner that causes concern, anxiety and worry to others. This includes; imitating the symptoms of COVID-19, threatening others with not adhering to social distancing, threating to cough, sneeze or spit on others and other actions that lead students and staff to worry for their safety.
  7. When arriving and departing from College students must adhere to social distancing and travel arrangements.
  8. If students feel unwell during the day they must follow the health and first aid procedures established by Hope Valley College.


The safety and wellbeing of students and staff are of the highest importance. As such any student who cannot meet the additional expectations above will immediately be isolated from their group. Parents/carers will be contacted immediately and will be required to collect students directly.

If students are sent home for a breach of the additional expectations they will have to undertake home based remote learning until their parents/carers have discussed behaviour with the senior manager.


Seclusion will operate for the removal of students who cannot meet the additional expectations to ensure they are removed from their group. It will operate in a large space with social distancing established and will not be based in the seclusion room. It will not be permanently manned but will be used as and when required.


On-call will operate as usual but will be provided by CLT who are not teaching. There will be no remove room facility so students removed for behaviour that contravenes the Hope Valley College expectations will be removed and supervised by CLT in line with social distancing. Parents/carers will be contacted directly. If students have continually disrupted a specific subject lesson they will not be invited in for the next session.

Support from Pastoral, SEND and Inclusion teams remains in place and will be established via the referral panel process


Rewards remain as established with the addition of the rewards for completing and submitting remote learning work. Staff are to add positive mentions for students who complete and submit work remotely. Staff can award additional positive mentions as established in this policy for exceptional work, effort and contributions

Non-engagement with remote learning

Hope Valley College staff are monitoring the engagement of students with their engagement of remote learning, particularly as we move to move virtual online teaching. Students who appear to have been unable to engage with remote learning will be contacted initially to ascertain the reason for non-engagement. This will be referred to our pastoral panel and parents/carers will be contacted to discuss what support is required. Support will then be put in place to facilitate this.

Behaviour during remote Learning lessons

College will be moving to a number of lessons being delivered ‘Live’ by staff. Where possible students will be required to sign in at the allotted time and take part in the lesson. The expectation for behaviour in the lessons remain the same as they would in any lesson. Students will not be allowed to join ‘live’ lessons until the consent form has been returned.

  • Students must conduct their ‘live’ learning in an appropriate place considering what is in view.
  • Students must comply with any instructions to turn off cameras and microphones when requested.
  • If students wish to ask a question in the ‘Live’ lesson they must press the ‘hands up button’ and follow the instructions given by the member of staff. They will be encouraged to use the ‘chat’ function for this by their teacher.
  • Students should listen to staff instructions during the teaching and not interrupt the teacher.
  • Students should not comment on other students in any way which may disrupt the learning.
  • Staff can ask students to ‘leave’ the lesson and have the ability to end a student’s session if they feel behaviour is hampering the learning of others. After the lesson the student and parents will be contacted to discuss a resolution.
  • Staff will continue to safeguard students in the same way they would during a lesson and will be required to report any concerns to the designated safeguarding lead or safeguarding manager who will determine what follow up action is required.