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This information has been updated to reflect our new procedures during the Covid-19 pandemic.

The following procedures operate in relation to attendance:


Morning registers are taken promptly at the start of period 1 at 8:55. The register is updated with late comers.

Registers are taken at the start of each lesson. Teachers are expected to complete these within the first ten minutes of each lesson. Reception will be notified of anyone not present in the lesson in order to address truancy issues.


reporting an absence

Attendance at school is crucial to the success of our students.  We will continue with our high expectations that students will aspire to the highest possible attendance.  We recognise that their may be times when students are not able to attend school. 

How to report an absence

It is vital that you tell us directly if your child is going to be absent. Otherwise we will treat their absence as a safeguarding matter.

Step 1: let us know

You can let us know by:

Please include the following information:

  • Name.
  • Year and Class.
  • Bus.
  • The names of any siblings in school.
Step 2: fill in the absence form

You must also now complete our online form for ALL absences. This provides useful informatoin should we have to follow the 'track and trace' procedure.

Please complete this form, even if you think the absence is not Covid-related:

Please ensure you follow both steps 1 and 2.


What to do if your child is ill

Lots of parents have contacted us asking what to do in different situations. Below is a basic guide to follow. However, please also check out the latest NHS advice if you are unsure.

You can contact the NHS by calling 111 or going to their website at:

You can download an A4 sheet which contains this useful guide at the bottom of this page.

Please be assured that in all of these matters we will be closely adhering to the DFE guidance.


Symptoms Guide

The infographic below shows how to recognise symptoms for Coronavirus, cold and flu:


We expect all students to be absent only when entirely necessary because of illness or other authorised circumstances. We will always respect a students right to religious observation and will authorise any relative absences accordingly.

The College operates a first day response system to absence.

We expect all parents to:

  • Assess whether their child is genuinely ill and required to be absent from College or whether they could be sent in.
  • Contact College before 8:55 am on the first day of absence to inform College why their child is not attending College.
  • Contact College on every subsequent day that their child is ill.
  • Seek medical advice/help for the child if they are seriously ill.
  • Bring the child into College later in the day if they feel better.

We expect all students to:

  • Assess whether they are definitely required to be absent from College or whether they could actually come in.
  • Catch up on any work that they miss

As a College we will:

  • Send a text message before 10am to all parents of students who have not yet contacted the College.
  • Ring all parents of absent students who have subsequently not contacted College.

If no direct contact has been made with a parent during the day of absence the absence will automatically be recorded as unauthorised.


There is an expectation that all students at Hope Valley College attend College and lessons punctually at all times.

Students who arrive after 9am will report to their tutor who will mark them as late (L).

Students who arrive after 9.25 should report to reception where they will have to sign in. Students arriving after this time will not get an AM mark and are considered to have had an unauthorised absence except in exceptional situations in which their lateness is as a result of a bus being held up. After signing in at reception students should then proceed to lessons