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Tutor groups and houses


At Hope Valley College we believe that students will achieve their full potential if they are happy, recognise that they belong to the college and have support if they are struggling. Their well-being is of paramount importance. We pride ourselves on the well-developed pastoral system that is embedded in everything we do.

The pastoral system at Hope Valley is based upon a vertical tutoring system. We have three houses Derwent, Howden, and Ladybower. These form the family that students belong to during their journey through the College. Siblings will always be placed in the same house. Each house has a Senior House Tutor who has responsibility for leadership of their house. Their role includes monitoring attendance, behaviour and progress of the students in their house.

Each house is made up of six tutor groups. Tutor groups have students from each year group. The tutor is the person with responsibility for the day to day welfare of the students in their group. Your child’s tutor should be the first point of contact if you have any concerns about your child’s happiness and well-being. Once a year you will have the opportunity to meet with your child’s tutor and discuss their well-being, happiness and progress.

In addition to this we have three Pastoral Officers:

  • Ms S Daniel
  • Mr R Robinson
  • Mrs K Salisbury

Pastoral Officers offer a triage system of extra help when student’s needs are more complex. They will offer support and guidance on a regular basis to the individual students allocated to them and, when necessary, develop strong relationships with parents.

Mrs S Mappin offers additional support to students and parents regarding attendance and appointments.

Mrs R Taylor is our College counsellor. Students who will benefit from the extra, specialised support of a counsellor are referred to her through pastoral staff.

And finally Mr R Griffin, our SENCO, is a member of the Senior Guidance Team and makes a valuable contribution to our work.


Derwent house

Senior House Tutor: Mr M Fitton

Tutor groups:


Howden house

House Tutor: Ms E Scorer

Tutor groups:


Ladybower house

House Tutor: Mr A Jenkinson