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Our uniform is simple and relaxed but it is important that all students adhere to our expectations.


  • ​​​​​A navy blue polo shirt with the college logo is a requirement.
  • Students may then choose to layer with either:
    - a navy hoodie with the college logo on it,
    - and/or a navy sweatshirt with the college logo in it.
  • Students must wear either plain blue or black trousers. These can be jeans but not tracksuit bottoms or leggings. Rips, tears and writing are not permitted.  Alternatively students may wear plain navy blue or black knee length skirts or tailored shorts.  In special circumstances modifications to the uniform can be negotiated as a reasonable adjustment in line with the Equalities Act. For these adjustments you need to speak to a senior house tutor.
  • Trainers are acceptable footwear but heeled shoes and sandals are not.
  • Students are allowed up to two piercings in each ear and may wear simple stud earrings for college. No other piercings are allowed and students will be asked to remove any before taking part in lessons.
  • For health and safety reasons, nails extensions are not allowed in college.

Students failing to wear correct uniform will be isolated until parents can bring in alternative clothing.


Ordering uniform

To order uniform from our supplier please click here.



All students should have the following equipment for lessons:

  • black pens
  • green pens
  • pencil, ruler, eraser, pencil sharpener
  • scientific calculator
  • compass, protractor
  • coloured pencils.